ideal-protein-web1 The Ideal Protein weight loss program is a unique four phase diet program developed to meet individual needs of any body and to sustain a stable weight without exhausting exercises and food restrictions.

This program includes one-on-one coaching, constant physician monitoring, professional diet and lifestyle education and auxiliary materials, such as books, free online recipes and videos that will help you stay in shape after dieting.

This program is often called “your last diet, because it uses human’s body as a weapon to fight fat and keep it off for good! The Ideal Protein program is based on creating a mild state of ketosis—the process when your body uses fat for energy, not its glycogen. Your liver produces ketones (liver water-soluble biochemicals) and uses them to break down body fat. By reducing the carbohydrate intake and consuming the necessary protein, you make your body burn fat and at the same time maintain muscle mass.

Ideal_Protein_weight_loss_Mukilteo_ChiropracticThis program starts with a physician evaluation and blood tests. You may not participate in the ideal protein weight loss program, if you have severe liver or kidney diseases.

The internet is scattered with various diet programs that promise a significant weight loss in 5 days. What you may not know or realize is that these weight loss programs target lean muscle mass—an essential body soft tissue. Muscles are vitally important for your body, as they regulate your metabolism and maintain the entire body healthy. A reduction in muscle mass can lead to atrophy and subsequently to severe diseases. Moreover, after these so-called “quick” diets, you will have to eat even less than you did during dieting to keep the weight stable.

The Ideal Protein weight loss program helps quickly and safely lose weight; it also improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels, cleans the body from chemical toxins, reduces food cravings and teaches you how to successfully control your appetite. And it targets fat, not muscles!

Ideal Protein is a company that features only healthy products and foods and helps its clients to stay healthy and fit. On the official Ideal Protein website you can find some information about right food and overall health. The website is easy to navigate and use. Here you will find the categories of foods, such as breakfasts, entrees, desserts, drinks, snacks, ready-to-serve that are both delicious and nutritious.

Expert Opinion: As any other weight loss program, the ideal protein weight loss program has its pluses and minuses. Among the advantages are a great variety of food categories that you can use during the diet and nutrition education information for clients. But there are certain disadvantages you as a potential customer may face.

First of all, the cost of Ideal Protein foods is above the cost of discount grocers. Secondly, if you are not satisfied with the program, you won’t get your money back! Thirdly, the main website doesn’t contain the full list of approved products

To summarize, the Ideal Protein weight loss program is a good diet program that targets fat, not muscles. However, it may get very expensive and if it doesn’t work you don’t get a results-based money back guarantee and you’ll keep the same hateful pounds. We would recommend you to talk to your dietician and find a supplement that is right for you!