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At New Millennium we understand a herniated disc can be painful and limit you in the things you once enjoyed, and we can help. Knowing the risk factors that lead to a bulging disc or slipped disc which include aging, degeneration, and loss of elasticity of the discs and supporting structures are important. The art of chiropractic care is getting to the underlying cause of your pain. Dr. Chris Parrett of New Millennium has been treating residents in and around Beloit since 2010 for effective relief of bulging disc and ruptured disc pain.

Beloit Bulging Disc

New Millennium is the top-rated holistic provider of bulging disc pain relief near Beloit. Located in Rock County on the southern Wisconsin state line, the nearly 37,000 residents of Beloit celebrate a proud legacy of strength, beauty, and diversity. The beautiful city of Beloit is home to a world-class riverfront, charming downtown retail district, the world-renowned Beloit College and historic residential neighborhoods. Also celebrated near Beloit are the premier services of New Millennium for all your herniated disc and ruptured disc treatment.

Beloit Ruptured Disc

If you live near Beloit and have a slipped disc or bulging disc, New Millennium is where to go. New Millennium has personalized treatment plans, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy to treat your ruptured disc pain. New Millennium offers a variety of holistic therapeutic procedures, and we believe our caring staff, customized treatment services, attention to detail and quality results are what sets New Millennium apart. Make us your clear choice for your herniated disc or ruptured disc treatment plan. Call (779) 552-8358 today!

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