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Back pain is widespread, in fact nearly 80% of people will have significant back pain at some point, many due to a herniated disc or bulging disc. Back pain symptoms vary from individual to individual, that’s why at New Millennium we work with patients to provide specific pain relief options to treat the individuals ruptured disc or slipped disc. Dr. Chris Parrett specializes in chiropractic care, treating patients with bulging disc and slipped disc problems to bring maximum pain relief without addictive medications or unnecessary surgical procedures. We address the whole person at New Millennium.

Belvidere Bulging Disc

Located in north central Illinois along the Kishwaukee River and just 75 miles from Chicago, the county seat of Boon County is the lovely city of Belvidere which name means “beautiful to view.” The nearly 26,000 residents of Belvidere enjoy independently owned motels, many shops and stores, restaurants and dining experiences popping up as the Belvidere community continues to grow. Dedicated to the residents of Belvidere and the surrounding community are the services of New Millennium, a premier herniated disc and bulging disc treatment and rehab center committed to helping patients develop the most successful treatment outcomes.

Belvidere Ruptured Disc

At New Millennium we understand the frustration a herniated disc injury can cause, and we have the treatment options and physical therapy to bring you the relief you need for your slipped disc or ruptured disc. Our therapists and medical professionals work to restore and improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent further injury to a herniated disc. A well-known fixture in the community, New Millennium’s certified physical therapists strive to provide cutting-edge therapies for our patients to ease bulging disc pain, and non-surgical slipped disc options. Call us today at (779) 552-8358 to learn more about treatment or to schedule a free consultation.

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