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New Millennium Medical is an integrated medical facility that offers a holistic approach to healthcare. Dr. Chris Parrett offers natural and non-surgical approaches to alleviating back pain through therapies such as spinal decompression and spinal manipulation. Many of our Belvidere patients appreciate the skill and pioneering team approach that New Millennium offers. Spine decompression has been proven effective in helping alleviate pain and self-healing.

Get longer-lasting results through the comprehensive care provided at New Millennium. Our team uses spinal decompression as a way of helping you achieve optimal relief. Belvidere is a thriving northern Illinois city with 25,585 residents and nicknamed “City of Murals.” Let our team paint a new picture of health for you using spine decompression along with a variety of therapeutic services.

New Millennium focuses on eliminating pain at the root source, which allows your body to heal over time. If you have been told that surgery or pain medication is your only option, then contact Dr. Parrett. Back pain limits many and takes away the ability to enjoy the things you love. With spinal decompression, you can begin the process of restoration and recovery. Request a spine decompression consultation today at New Millennium Medical.

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