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New Millennium Medical offers a medication-free approach to tension through massage therapy or manual therapy. If you are looking for a way to bring healing, increased blood flow and relaxation to your muscles, then we invite you to acquire an appointment with our massage therapist for manual therapy. We offer you a way to approach tension that helps provide relief through manual massage therapy. Many of our patients in Cherry Valley agree that we offer a friendly massage therapist who gets results. New Millennium is here to provide an alternative way to relieve tension and help your body heal.

Cherry Valley Manual Therapy

Cherry Valley, Illinois is a quiet village in Winnebago and Boone County with a population of 3,162. Cherry Valley is located on the southeast side of Rockford and was settled in 1836. Our team is led by Dr. Chris Parrett who specializes in chiropractic care. New Millennium offers a graduated approach to living healthy through various techniques including massage therapy or manual therapy from a friendly massage therapist. Manual massage therapy is good news for anyone looking for a natural way to find relief. New Millennium is here to help you reach optimal health.

Cherry Valley Manual Massage Therapy

Over the years massage therapy techniques have been able to support the musculoskeletal health by increasing blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue. New Millennium is glad to be able to help those who are suffering from tension find a holistic way to get results. Manual therapy and manual massage therapy can help with an increased range of motion, and many patients find the procedure relaxing. If you would like to set up an appointment with our massage therapist call New Millennium Medical at (779) 552-8358. Call now for a Free Consultation!

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