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If you are having chronic back or leg pain, New Millennium Medical is here to help. Our holistic approach to pain relief helps patients avoid surgery and the use of addictive pain medication. Dr. Chris Parrett provides cutting edge pain management through various therapies, including spinal decompression, spinal manipulation, and rehabilitation. As an integrated medical clinic, our goal is to provide Cherry Valley patients spine decompression that achieves optimal healing.

New Millennium provides unique pain management methods catered to addressing the root issue of back, neck, and leg pain. We deliver a variety of professions in one location for enhanced care and spinal decompression. Cherry Valley is located in Kishwaukee River Valley, Illinois, with 3,162 residents and is a prosperous business district. Spine decompression allows your body a chance to reposition and heal.

Dr. Parrett dedicates himself to the most advanced care and holistic approach to care at New Millennium. If you have been told that your only options are surgery or a lifetime of pain medication, do not lose hope. Many patients find the relief they want through spinal decompression and chiropractic care. To learn more about spine decompression, contact New Millennium Medical, and request a consultation.

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