• 20 MAY 16
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    Dynamic, Contract and Relax, and Static Stretching?

    With all these types of stretching, how does someone just looking for more flexibility know which type is best for them? First off, let’s define each type. Dynamic stretching is like what you see a swimmer do before launching into the pool, swinging the arms and warming up the joints. Static stretching is where you hold a position for usually about 30 seconds similar to a runner’s stretch. Contract and Relax stretching is where you have a partner stretching you, and you contract into them, then relax. If someone is just looking for generic flexibility, static stretching is probably your best bet as it holds little risk and is quite effective. We here at New Millennium Medical feel that flexibility is an integral part of healthy tissue. These benefits are the reason we utilize all forms of stretching when appropriate. To find out the best time to stretch, tune in next time!

    Till then, stand up straight and keep stretching!
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