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Edgewood Neck Pain Treatment

If you are looking for neck pain relief, New Millennium Medical is the place for you! We specialize in rehabilitation and neck pain relief by using a natural, non-surgical approach. Our neck pain clinic consists of a physical rehab therapist, chiropractors, and a massage therapist. We focus on chiropractic care, physical rehab, spinal decompression, and joint injections. We are not limited to neck pain treatment, and also offer knee pain relief, headache relief, and back pain relief. Our results are instant and long-lasting!

Edgewood Neck Pain

We provide natural medical care to get you back on the road to full recovery. New Millennium delivers a specific treatment plan that focuses on the underlying cause of your neck pain. If you live near Edgewood and need neck pain relief, New Millennium is the first phone call to make! Edgewood is a small village located in Effingham County, Illinois. Edgewood was founded in the 1850s and was named from its location near the edge of a forest. New Millennium is conveniently accessible to all of Edgewood and its estimated 440 residents.

Edgewood Neck Pain Clinic

New Millennium in Edgewood offers free consultations, and our professionals are willing to take your calls now at (779) 552-8358. Professionals at New Millennium Medical are trained and sufficiently skilled in neck pain treatment. A holistic approach helps to get to the root of the neck pain so that it is eliminated. Come to our neck pain clinic with discomfort and leave with complete satisfaction. We accept most insurances and Medicare. Say goodbye to chronic neck pain today!

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