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Are you ready to take the first step to waking up free from nerve pain? If so, New Millennium Medical provides nerve pain relief that can avoid unnecessary drugs & surgery through a natural approach. We take pride in being able to help Freeport area residents who struggle with diabetic nerve pain. At New Millennium, we offer a team approach to medical care, saving you time and money by visiting various specialists in one location.

New Millennium understands that nerve pain can be caused by various conditions, which is why we perform a complete assessment and get to the root cause. Freeport is a historical city in northern Illinois known for hosting the second Lincoln-Douglas debate of 1858. New Millennium is a pioneer in our innovative approach to treating diabetic nerve pain. Our goal is to help you get lasting results that help you reach optimal health and healing.

New Millennium can help you make nerve pain a distant memory with proven, evidence-based treatments. Do not let diabetic nerve pain control your life. New Millennium Medical is helping many patients get results. If you have previously been told your options are medication or surgery, then it is time for you to set up a consultation with our team. You do not have to suffer from nerve pain any longer!

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