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At New Millennium, we understand the frustration the pain of a herniated disc can cause, and we have the holistic treatment options including physical therapy and massage therapy to give you the relief you need for your slipped or ruptured disc. Our licensed chiropractor and certified therapists work to improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent further injury to your herniated disc. A well-known fixture in the Harvard community, New Millennium’s professional staff strives to provide the most effective and non-surgical therapies to ease bulging disc pain.

Harvard Bulging Disc

New Millennium has the most effective treatment options for ruptured disc relief near Harvard. The nearly 10,000 residents of Harvard enjoy a proud heritage and a bright future, with growing businesses, great parks, and exceptional city services. Harvard is a semi-rural city location in McHenry County, Illinois that is within easy reach of larger cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford, and Madison. Near Harvard, New Millennium has the rehab services with bulging disc treatment plans that will get you back on your feet and feeling good again.

Harvard Ruptured Disc

We understand there are many options for Harvard residents when seeking relief from the pain of a bulging or herniated disc. However, we believe our caring staff, customized treatment services, healing atmosphere, and lasting results are what set New Millennium apart when it comes to treating your ruptured disc pain. When you need chiropractic manipulation and non-surgical herniated disc treatment options designed to restore and improve mobility, we are here to help. For a free consultation call New Millennium today at (779) 552-8358.

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