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At New Millennium we are staffed with the best chiropractic, medical, rehab and massage specialists who are devoted to what they do. Our main focus is patient results and getting you the hip pain relief you deserve. We work to restore function, improve mobility, and relieve your hip pain through holistic and natural hip pain treatment therapies. We combine top-level skilled medical and physical therapy and add custom hip pain relief treatment plans to accommodate the different needs of our patients to provide hip pain relief in a relaxed environment.

Harvard Hip Pain Relief

Harvard is a semi-rural city location in McHenry County,Illinois that is within easy reach of larger cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford, and Madison. The nearly 10,000 residents of Harvard enjoy a proud heritage and a bright future, with growing businesses, great parks, and exceptional city services. Near Harvard, New Millennium is the hip pain clinic more residents rely on for effective hip pain treatment and relief of hip pain. Our hip pain doctor and medical team are certified and knowledgeable in the most effective hip pain treatment available.

Harvard Hip Pain Treatment

The experience of our diverse staff sets us apart from other hip pain treatment centers, and our comprehensive patient care, successful outcomes, and relaxing atmosphere will make your experience even greater. At New Millennium we enjoy helping people, it’s what we do and our commitment to helping you find the hip pain relief you seek is evident. If you are tired of living with chronic and debilitating hip pain, call us today at (779) 552-8358 for your free no-obligation initial evaluation. New Millennium is here to help you find lasting relief.

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