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At New Millennium Medical, our massage therapy clinic is staffed with the best massage therapist that is certified and devoted to our clients. New Millennium’s goal is helping patients get relief through our state-of-the-art massage rehab center with patient-focused massage rehabilitation. New Millennium is a first-rate massage therapy clinic with specialized massage therapy treatment plans to accommodate the different needs of our patients near Harvard.

Harvard Manual Therapy

Harvard is a city located in McHenry County, Illinois, approximately 7 miles south of the Illinois/Wisconsin border. Harvard has a population of 9,447, and many of those residents are patients of New Millennium. We have an outstanding reputation, and we look forward to you coming to our massage rehab center. Massage therapy has excellent benefits for anyone looking for a natural way to find relief. New Millennium massage therapists are here to help.

Harvard Manual Massage Therapy

New Millennium is glad to be able to help those who are suffering from tension find a holistic way to get results. Massage therapy techniques have been able to support musculoskeletal health by increasing blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue. If you would like to schedule an office visit with our massage therapist call New Millennium Medical at (779) 552-8358. Call now for a Free Consultation!

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