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Our program is a medical advancement in weight loss that also includes a plan to maintain your target weight.

Our members are educated about eating habits that they can practice in order to sustain a satisfying lifestyle.

We want you to know that losing weight and maintaining the weight loss is truly possible. Together, we can choose the right plan that works for you. Our methodology has worked on countless individuals for over 10 years.

Many individuals prefer to lose weight at an accelerated pace. It is important for us to warn that this type of weight loss will not necessarily result in successful weight management in the long run. All individuals that embark on a weight loss program must understand how to keep a balanced lifestyle through education and personal commitment.

Losing weight without a plan could be WORSE than not losing weight. Improper weight loss programs may cause you to lose muscle mass. Our program will practically eliminate this problem! In addition, our personal weight loss coach will continually educate you on how to sustain a steady weight loss or weight maintenance plan.

Most of our members experience an improvement in their health in as early as 2 weeks! Please contact us today at 779.552.8358. We are ready to help you become a much healthier individual in the immediate and long term future.