Laser Lipo Treatment: Laser Your Fat Away, No Surgery, No Down Time!
Lose Up to 1 Inch in Only 15 minutes!

invisa-RED™ is the only non-invasive laser treatment with clinically proven evidence of weight reduction, fat reduction and inch loss.

We can help you reveal your inner beauty, revitalize your confidence and make your vision for yourself a reality.

Try our innovative and clinically proven programs in laser lipo for weight loss, cellulite reduction, body slimming and aesthetics.

Experience true relaxation during the process. All individualized programs are safe, painless and extremely effective in providing real results

Weight Loss

In an industry where one size fits all concepts are typical, we’ve opened the door to a new way of thinking and a lifetime of results. We have taken a truly individualized approach by combining multiple, successful components into a long term REAL solution. Clients safely lose on average 2 – 3 lbs per week.. All of our weight loss programs are individualized and based on our clients’ needs. We can help anyone lose weight safely and permanently regardless of time constraints, medical conditions, lifestyle and budget. Let’s be real for once. Weight Loss Is Not Your Life. Your Life Is Family, Work, Hobbies ect… Weight loss just has to be incorporated into your life. More Information

Stretch Mark Fading

Stretch marks are caused, literally, by rapid stretching of the skin. Micro tears develop and the blood vessels that lie under your skin show through usually creating a stretch marks that are red in color. If the body is slow to produce enough collagen to repair the area the appearance of the stretch marks usually become darker in color. Pregnancy and weight loss/gain are the most common reasons stretch marks develop. More Information

Contouring/Spot Reduction

(LLLT)is the latest innovation in body slimming technology used to remove fat from areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise and reshape regions of your body very quickly Our innovative technology is a safe, non-invasive, and painless alternative to traditional fat reduction procedures. Each session can remove up to an inch of unwanted fat from any undesired problem area(s). Treatments are ideal for both men and women, eliminating the fatty areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Most clients will see results after their first treatment. More Information

Cellulite Elimination

Safely smooth and eliminate cellulite as effectively as liposuction with no needles, no pain, and no downtime. Our treatments target the bumpy appearance of cellulite by restoring enlarged fat cells to a smaller size, resulting in smooth, tighter skin. More Information

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