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New Millennium is known as the pioneer in the rehabilitation and relief of back pain due to a bulging disc or ruptured disc using natural, non-surgical means. We often see patients who have exhausted other options without finding pain relief or who have been told surgery is the only option. At New Millennium we have a high success rate with finding the non-surgical treatment options for back pain, including pain due to a herniated disc or slipped disc. Our holistic approach combines an integrated approach to treating the body as a whole. We provide natural medical care to help alleviate your ruptured disc pain with longer results.

Loves Park Bulging Disc

Known as “the City with a Heart,” Loves Park is a medium size city along the beautiful Rock River located in Boon and Winnebago Counties. The nearly 24,000 residents of Loves Park enjoy a close-knit community with opportunities for camping, boating and fishing, and a booming commercial sector. As well, the Loves Park and surrounding community receive care for herniated disc and bulging disc pain at New Millennium. Since 2010, we have continued to set the standard for pain relief from a ruptured disc or slipped disc. Offering noninvasive options to restore mobility and improve quality of life through holistic treatment.

Loves Park Ruptured Disc

Near Loves Park the services of New Millennium have helped many residents find the pain relief they so desperately need. Our number one goal is to provide the highest quality care and treatment options that offer alleviation of ruptured disc discomfort. At New Millennium we take the time to listen to our patient’s concerns and evaluate each diagnosis to create the most effective customized treatment plan that targets your slipped disc or back pain problems. No matter the health issue you need help with, contact us today at (779) 552-8358 and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our professional team members.

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