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Loves Park Trigger Point Injections

New Millennium Medical is a holistic clinic that offers cutting edge treatment that effectively deals with muscle tension in a variety of ways including trigger point therapy. Using trigger point injections allows us to relieve the pain and stiffness caused by small tense points in the structure of the muscle. Many patients have found trigger point injection therapy extremely helpful in alleviating symptoms. New Millennium looks forward to helping those in the Loves Park area wake up free from pain with trigger point treatment.

Loves Park Trigger Point Injection Therapy

With nearly 24,000 residents Loves Park, Illinois lies on a total area of 16.44 square miles just 14 miles from New Millennium. Our goal is to put our heart into everything we do so that our patients can live the healthiest life possible, which is why we recommend trigger point therapy. Loves Park has a motto that reads, “City with a Heart,” and you can count on our professionals to be caring and skilled. If you have more questions regarding trigger point injection therapy or
trigger point injections, contact New Millennium for a consultation.

Loves Park Trigger Point Treatment

New Millennium customizes our treatment plans for patients so the longevity of trigger point therapy or trigger point injections may vary from patient to patient. You can count on our team to get the root cause of muscle tension and deal with it effectively with trigger point injection therapy. New Millennium Medical knows that some insurance plans will cover trigger point treatment with some stipulations. If muscle tension is limiting your range of motion or causing pain, then call us today at (779) 552-8358 to schedule your FREE consultation!

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