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New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic is a state of the art pioneer in chiropractic services and medical rehabilitation. We offer relief from back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and headaches using natural and non-surgical methods. Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Parrett at New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic provides a holistic Chiropractic Clinic which includes doctors and physical rehab specialists. It is our goal to find out what the underlying root cause of pain or illness in our patients. Our focus is to help each and every patient alleviate acute pain so their body can heal with longer lasting results. Each holistic chiropractic plan helps create a unique treatment that looks at emotional, chemical and physical issues that may be causing our patients pain. Patients near Machesney Park have been using Dr. Parrett services and finding not only improved mobility but pain elimination.

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Machesney Park, Illinois is a village located in Winnebago County with a population of 23,499 people and is part of the Rockford metropolitan area. New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic provides daily results for patients who have previously been told that surgery or a lifetime of pain medication was their only option. If you have been told that you have no other options and you feel hopeless please call New Medical Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic near Machesney Park and allow us to create a holistic plan to help identify and treat the pain that you have been having. Start your journey of feeling healthy again with New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic near Machesney Park. We provide a drug-free hands on approach to health that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment.

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Dr. Chris Parrett not only uses the newest scientific technology but also uses experiential chiropractic care, spinal manipulation and adjustments to bring pain eradication. This allows patients increased mobility and the opportunity for the muscles to begin healing. If you are in the Machesney Park area and looking for a good chiropractor don’t hesitate to call New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic and speak with Dr. Chris Parrett at your free no obligation initial consultation. Take the first step to waking up free from pain and call us at (779)552-8358 or visit us online and submit your free consultation contact form.

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