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If you have been struggling with tension or limited range of motion, then contact New Millennium Medical to receive massage therapy or manual therapy. Massage therapy has been proven effective at promoting healing to injured areas and with muscle relaxation. Our team is happy to offer a skilled massage therapist who is dedicated to your health and wellness goals. We provide manual therapy that is focused on your area of need. Manual massage therapy is helping many of our Machesney Park patients find relief with our New Millennium massage therapist.

Machesney Park Manual Therapy

Machesney Park, Illinois was established in 1981 and today has an estimated 24,000 residents. This Illinois suburb of Rockford lies in Winnebago County and has never lost its small-town values and respect of saying “Hello” to a neighbor. Our goal is to get you pain relief and improved mobility with our care. New Millennium implements massage therapy or manual therapy that allows our massage therapist to provide isolated or whole body relief through manual massage therapy. New Millennium will offer a custom treatment plan that is geared at helping obtain freedom from pain.

Machesney Park Manual Massage Therapy

Get the massage therapy you deserve from our motivated and skilled massage therapist at New Millennium. We use a drug-free approach to health care, addressing a variety of conditions through manual therapy. Our patients give testimonials continually about how manual therapy or massage therapy has provided relief. New Millennium is helping people through manual therapy, and manual massage therapy to find relief and healing. The massage therapist at New Millennium Medical looks forward to meeting you, so call (779) 552-8358 to set up an appointment.

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