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Are you having problems with shoulder pain that is causing limited range of motion? If your answer is yes, New Millennium Medical wants to offer you holistic shoulder pain relief that gets results through non-surgical methods. Don’t continue to suffer from shoulder pain when you don’t have to. We take an integrated team care approach which allows us to address multiple specialties at one time and in one location. New Millennium’s shoulder pain doctor will do a thorough evaluation and come up with a shoulder pain treatment that is custom to you. Many Machesney Park patients have received results at our shoulder pain clinic.

Machesney Park Shoulder Pain Relief

New Millennium is a pioneer in rehabilitation and shoulder pain relief that helps patients wake up free from shoulder pain. Machesney Park, Illinois is a suburb of Rockford located in Winnebago County. Machesney Park has a population of 23,499 and a total area of 13.01 square miles. New Millennium is a shoulder pain clinic that is dedicated to patient’s optimal health. Our shoulder pain doctor knows that shoulder pain is a symptom of an underlying problem and shoulder pain treatment can vary.

Machesney Park Shoulder Pain Treatment

We offer shoulder pain relief through natural medical care that has been proven effective for many patients. New Millennium wants to restore range of motion and mobility with our shoulder pain treatment. Many patients feel shoulder pain relief immediately. If you are having shoulder pain from sports, genetics or aging our shoulder pain clinic can help. The shoulder pain doctor at New Millennium Medical offers a FREE consultation, and we also take Medicare and insurance. Call (779) 552-8385 and take the first step to freedom from shoulder pain. Don’t risk causing further damage to the shoulder by doing nothing.

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