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New Millennium Medical is an assimilated chiropractic clinic that provides a holistic approach to spinal decompression. Our team of professionals work together to help get you optimal results that allow your body to heal naturally. Many of our Machesney Park area patients found reduction or freedom from pain with the help of Dr. Chris Parrett’s comprehensive approach to care using spine decompression.

If you struggle with back pain that reduces your mobility and way of life, then it is time to reach out to New Millennium to learn more about spinal decompression. Machesney Park is a growing Rockford suburb with 23,499 residents and became a village in 1981. Our goal is to give you drug-free options such as spine decompression to reduce pressure on the spinal disc and allow healing nutrients to influx the area.

New Millennium focuses on getting to the root source of pain and using a natural approach like spinal decompression that can help your body maintain long-lasting health. Many of our patients testify of the reduction and freedom from pain they have achieved by following through with the personalized treatment recommended by Dr. Parrett. Find out if you are a candidate for spine decompression by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Parrett at New Millennium Medical.

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