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If you are experiencing hip pain, New Millennium has the options you need. Non-surgical hip pain treatment should always be considered first when treating your hip pain. Our professional hip pain doctor can help assess if your hip pain can be resolved with rest, behavior modification and physical therapy or an anti-inflammatory regimen. At New Millennium you will receive a complete hip pain relief evaluation to determine the cause of your hip pain since hip pain can come from locations other than the hip, such as the spine, pelvis or legs. At New Millennium we are the hip pain clinic with the medical professionals who can help.

New Milford Hip Pain Relief

At New Millennium’s hip pain clinic our goal is to customize a treatment plan to bring you hip pain relief. Our hip pain doctor, Dr. Chris Parrett a licensed chiropractor has been treating patients near New Milford since 2010. With less than 700 residents, the town of New Milford is only a few miles from downtown Rockford, Illinois. New Milford is quiet and peaceful, and a great place to raise a family or operate a business. In Winnebago County, this small community has year-round opportunities to enjoy nature. In addition to chiropractic care, New Millennium provides integrated services including massage and physical therapy.

New Milford Hip Pain Treatment

If you are living with chronic hip pain and seeking hip pain treatment, New Millennium can offer you the effective hip pain relief you need. The New Millennium staff of medical pain relief doctors are ready to serve you and provide you with the most effective hip pain relief options near New Milford. We offer natural medical care to help alleviate acute hip pain and the rehabilitation and chiropractic care to help support longer lasting results for your hip pain treatment plan. For your free consultation, call New Millennium today at (779) 552-8358.

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