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Whether you have a ruptured disc or a herniated disc, or even a slipped disc New Millennium can help! We proudly offer the most progressive and effective customized treatment plans for your bulging disc injury that doesn’t involve surgery or costly and potentially addictive medication. New Millennium offers a variety of holistic services that had effectively brought relief when other methods did not. Because the pain from a ruptured disc can vary from patient to patient we provide a comprehensive screening that will assist in developing a specific treatment plan that works for you.

Poplar Grove Bulging Disc

The professional medical team at New Millennium is waiting to serve the Poplar Grove community with holistic excellence and treatment plans customized to relieve your specific back pain due to a herniated disc or bulging disc. Named for the abundance of poplar trees nearby and surrounded by a vibrant farming community near the Long Prairie Trail, the nearly 6,000 residents of the village of Poplar Grove in Boone County, Illinois can take full advantage of economic development while maintaining a peaceful and growing community. We work with you to achieve whole body health through chiropractic and holistic care.

Poplar Grove Ruptured Disc

The staff at New Millennium is devoted to our patients by continually adding new pain relief options and treatment plans to accommodate their varying needs. With a focus on rehabilitation and getting you back on the road to good health, we work to restore function, improve mobility and relieve your back pain due to a herniated disc or bulging disc through education on holistic methods and integrated medical care. Poplar Grove residents can also take advantage of New Millennium’s commitment to providing several pain relief options and passion for excellence when you contact us at (779) 552-8358 for your comprehensive consultation.

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