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New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic is an expanded holistic and integrated chiropractic clinic and medical facility. Dr. Chris Parrett specializes in chiropractic care and has a passion for natural medical care to help alleviate pain through chiropractic adjustments which helps the body maintain long lasting health. New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic offers back, neck and knee pain assessments and chiropractic treatment. Dr. Chris Parrett makes it his goal to get to the underlying root cause of discomfort or pain. New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic provides drug-free and hands on approach to diagnose and treat pain through spinal manipulation. New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic has a goal to restore joint mobility allowing more movement and muscle healing. Patients in the Rockford area know that they can trust Dr. Parrett because of the many pain-free testimonials they hear and experienced themselves.

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Rockford, Illinois is located northwest of Chicago and is just 20 miles south of the Wisconsin border with a population of 150,251. Rockford is the third largest city in Illinois known for its abundance of beautiful trees. One of Rockford’s greatest attractions includes the towering Norway spruce trees, the umbrella magnolias with 2 foot leaves and conifers that have been groomed into whimsical shapes. In the middle of all of this beauty lies the New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic that has been designed for longevity, timelessness and focuses on providing holistic chiropractic care in an upscale, grand “Zen” office. Residents in Rockford now have chiropractors near their location who strive to make sure that their patients are taking the first step to waking up free of pain.

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Along with a chiropractor New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic also provides physical rehab specialist and massage therapist to treat the body as a whole. So if you are looking for a chiropractor near Rockford who treats back, neck, knee, shoulder pain or even if you’re struggling with allergies and headaches feel free to contact chiropractor, Dr. Chris Parrett to begin your road to a pain-free life. We accept a wide variety of insurances and Medicare. New Millennium Medical Chiropractic Clinic near Rockford provides free initial consultations, please call us today at (779) 552-8358 or visit our website and fill out a consultation request. Our staff will contact you for your consultation appointment! Don’t waste one more day being limited by pain. Take the first step to becoming the healthiest as possible!

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