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New Millennium Medical offers a hands on and medication-free approach to deal with muscle injury or tension through massage therapy or manual therapy. Massage therapy helps promote healing, increased blood flow and relaxation to your muscles. Then we invite you to acquire an appointment with our massage therapist and chiropractor for manual therapy. Get the relief that helps get results naturally with manual massage therapy. New Millennium patients in Rockford will agree we offer convenient hours and a skilled massage therapist who gets results.

Rockford Manual Therapy

Rockford is the largest city in Illinois outside of the Chicago statistical area with a population of 152,871. Rockford is nicknamed “The Forest City.” Dr. Chris Parrett specializes in manual therapy through chiropractic care. New Millennium is focused on helping patients maintain a healthy lifestyle through various approaches and therapies including massage therapy or manual therapy. Manual massage therapy is used alongside our chiropractic care and functional rehabilitation. New Millennium is here to help you reach peak health free from severe pain.

Rockford Manual Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has become a mainstream therapy to support the musculoskeletal health by increasing blood flow to soft tissue and connective tissue. New Millennium offers a holistic approach that is geared at getting results. Manual therapy and manual massage therapy can help with an increased range of motion and alleviating subluxations giving the body a chance to heal. Schedule an appointment with our massage therapist by calling New Millennium Medical at (779) 552-8358. We do accept insurance and Medicare, so call today!

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