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Rockford Trigger Point Injections

Do you struggle with muscle tension that causes pain and limits you? New Millennium Medical is an assimilated clinic that provides a holistic approach with medical modalities to treat patients including trigger point therapy. If you are tired of dealing with neck or shoulder tension that seems to not get better than trigger point injections may be the right treatment option for you. Allow our doctor to get to the source of the discomfort and deal with it through trigger point injection therapy. We are taking new patients from the Rockford area at New Millennium and encourage you to consult with our doctor to find out more about trigger point treatment.

Rockford Trigger Point Injection Therapy

New Millennium can cause the small tense points of muscle structure to relax with trigger point therapy. Rockford, Illinois is known for exciting exhibits like the Burpee Museum of Natural History and a beautiful Japanese Garden. New Millennium wants to help the 152,871 residents know that we are known for professional care that gets results for patients through trigger point injections. Many of our patients embrace trigger point injection therapy and get immediate results even from one trigger point treatment.

Rockford Trigger Point Treatment

New Millennium wants to help you take the first step to wake up free from pain, and one means of doing that is with trigger point therapy. The number of trigger point injections a patient receives varies on the condition and longevity, but through trigger point injection therapy you can help prevent future damage. If you would like to consult with the doctor at New Millennium Medical about trigger point treatment call (779) 552-8358 to schedule a FREE consultation!

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