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At New Millennium our teams of specialists are ready to work with you to create a holistic plan to reduce or eliminate your herniated disc or slipped disc pain. We want to get you feeling healthy again through multiple methods including chiropractic care, physical rehab, and massage therapy. You don’t have to live with back and neck pain from a ruptured disc. New Millennium has the treatment options to bring you lasting relief from herniated disc pain. We offer a FREE screening to discuss your bulging disc pain relief options so there is no reason to delay.

Rockton Bulging Disc

The small village of Rockton in Winnebago County, Illinois is a true Midwestern village where community and quality of life are values that are lived out by its 7,685 residents. Located in the Rock River Valley, Rockton offers a historic downtown shopping center as well as a culture of expanding business opportunities with small town charm. At New Millennium we are pleased to provide Rockton residents with the herniated disc pain relief therapy that allows our patients to live the healthiest life possible! New Millennium is the holistic medical clinic you can trust.

Rockton Ruptured Disc

The professionals at New Millennium are waiting to serve the Rockton community with excellence. We will provide you with a customized treatment plan for your bulging disc or slipped disc pain relief needs. Chronic pain from a bulging disc can reduce mobility and lead to a debilitating lifestyle. New Millennium wants to show you how to mitigate that pain so you can enjoy life to the fullest. We will provide a free comprehensive screening and have custom treatment plans. Call New Millennium at (779) 552-8358 today to schedule your FREE screening.

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