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At New Millennium, the preferred hip pain clinic near Rockton, our chiropractic staff has the proven therapies and treatment plans that cover a wide range of services, specifically the relief you need for hip pain. We know that each patient responds to treatment differently, there is no one size fits all approach. Our team works closely with you to ensure a treatment plan that brings the effective hip pain relief you need. Don’t let debilitating hip pain stop you from living your best life. Contact New Millennium today for a no-obligation free initial consultation.

Rockton Hip Pain Relief

Community connection and quality of life are values that are lived out in the small village of Rockton in Winnebago County. Within this culture of expanding business opportunities, look no further than New Millennium for your hip pain treatment. New Millennium provides cutting edge treatment for hip pain near Rockton. Get the chiropractic care you deserve at New Millennium! We have the trained certified physical therapist and chiropractors skilled in applying holistic treatment methods that relieve hip pain.

Rockton Hip Pain Treatment

The many residents in Rockton know that when they are looking for long-lasting hip pain relief, New Millennium is the hip pain clinic to call. At New Millennium our goal is to find the treatment plan that brings you the most effective hip pain relief. We call it a customized care plan. Our licensed chiropractor has been treating hip pain near Rockton since 2010, so let Dr. Chris Parrett develop a custom hip pain treatment for you. For an all-natural medical solution to alleviating your acute hip pain, call New Millennium today at (779) 552-8358.

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