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Are you concerned that there is no answer to your chronic back pain that does not include unwanted pain medication or surgery? Holistic approaches to pain relief, such as spinal decompression, have been proven to not only relieve pain but heal your body at the source of your pain. New Millennium Medical is the cutting-edge integrated medical facility in the Rockton area, offering holistic pain management approaches. We are excited to offer you an alternative to invasive, complicated surgery through chiropractic care and spine decompression. New Millennium is here to consult and treat chronic pain for the locals in Rockton.

New Millennium features the work of Dr. Parrett, who is a leader in alleviating back pain through spinal decompression in the Rockton area. Rockton is located in Winnebago County, Illinois, and has a population of 7,441. At New Millennium, we have a passion for helping our clients improve their quality of life in non-invasive ways. Before you turn to major surgery with potential complications, try spine decompression with New Millennium to treat the source of your pain.

Chronic pain puts limits on your life and capabilities, a life that can be upsetting and difficult to live. Pain medication has adverse side effects and the risk of addiction but is quickly prescribed by many doctors to those living with chronic pain. At New Millennium, we believe many effective therapeutic services should be offered before resorting to medication and surgery, like spinal decompression. The spine decompression services offered by New Millennium promote healing and recovery, leading to pain relief. For more information about the therapeutic services offered at New Millennium Medical, contact our friendly team today!

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