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New Millennium Medical is offering a whole new way to deal with the pain caused by a headache or a Migraine. This headache treatment and migraine treatment started with the ingenious invention of the Tx360 nasal applicator which delivers MiRx to the source of a headache and Migraine pain, and it can work in seconds. We now have a way to bring headache relief and Migraine relief to patients in an effective and noninvasive way. The nerve cluster responsible for the pain is called the Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) and is located inside the nasal cavity. Conventional nasal tips cannot reach the area but the Tx360 nasal applicator can. MiRx is a headache treatment that not only works but last. New Millennium Medical welcomes those in the Roscoe area looking for Migraine relief or headache relief to contact us.

Roscoe Migraine

Our 1-2 punch is useful for many patients who have suffered from a Migraine or headache pain. New Millennium Medical now has something to offer those who have dealt with a chronic Migraine and headache episodes. Our headache treatment gets you instant relief because it goes directly to the source of the pain. Don’t sufferer anymore with Migraine pain. Roscoe, Illinois is a growing village in Winnebago County with an estimated population of 10,521. This suburb of Rockford is located on the Rock River and offers beautiful natural parks along with excellent schools. New Millennium Medical is using the headache treatment that is fast acting for immediate headache relief. No surgeries or needles just an ingenious nasal applicator. Those who have suffered from chronic Migraines may require the full Migraine treatment for peak Migraine relief.

Roscoe Headache Treatment

MiRx Protocol is a total headache and Migraine treatment plan. You can rid yourself of any potential complications and dangerous side-effects of prescription medication use. New Millennium Medical can now offer fast headache relief without painful treatments or invasive surgeries. Our headache and Migraine option is safe with no significant side-effects. MiPx Protocol is a whole new approach to headache treatment and Migraine treatment. New Millennium Medical is here to help those who need Migraine relief. If you’re looking for a headache or Migraine treatment that’s safe, stop looking, we are the option that not only works in seconds but can last! Request your Free Consultation by calling (779) 552-8358.

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