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New Millennium Medical is an integrated, holistic medical facility that offers a team approach to healthcare. Dr. Chris Parrett offers natural and non-surgical methods to relieve back, neck, or leg pain through therapies such as spinal decompression, physical rehabilitation, and spinal manipulation. Many of our Roscoe patients appreciate having a team in one location. Spine decompression has been proven effective in promoting self-healing.

Our comprehensive care helps achieve longer-lasting results. New Millennium uses spinal decompression to allow blood flow and nutrients to affected areas. Roscoe is a beautiful suburb of Rockford, Illinois, that has undergone a period of rapid growth. Our team is here to serve any of Roscoes’ 10,785 residents to improve their health while alleviating severe neck, back, or leg pain with spine decompression or other therapeutic services.

New Millennium focuses on removing the source of irritation causing pain, giving your body the chance to heal naturally over time. If you have been told that surgery or pain medication is your only option, contact Dr. Parrett to discuss options. With spinal decompression, you can begin the process of restoration and recovery. Request a spine decompression consultation today at New Millennium Medical.

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