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Roscoe Stem Cell Therapy

New Millennium Medical gets to the root of chronic pain and addresses it there for lasting results. One of the ways our doctors do this is with revolutionary stem cell science in the form of stem cell therapy. The goal at New Millennium is to help patients live free of pain with an increased range of motion and strength. When Roscoe residents want a stem cell center where the doctors are kind and care about their long term well-being they call our professional team. Today is the perfect day to find out more about stem cell treatment.

Roscoe Stem Cell Treatment

New Millennium provides hope through stem cell injections. Roscoe, Illinois is a suburb of Rockford in Northern Winnebago County. Roscoe is a growing community focused on educational, cultural and healthy living with 10,785 residents. If you are a Roscoe resident who deals with a disease or chronic pain due to injury, then contact New Millennium stem cell center to begin stem cell therapy. Whether you are dealing with muscle, tissue or ligament damage, stem cell treatment can help repair and heal naturally.

Roscoe Stem Cell Center

Don’t just settle for a life on the sidelines or surgery when an alternative is available through stem cell regeneration. New Millennium considers success when a patient graduates from our care or stem cell therapy and no longer requires further treatment from us or anyone else. The number of stem cell treatment appointments may vary depending on the extent of your condition. Call New Millennium Medical at (779) 552-8358 to speak with a doctor at our stem cell center and receive a FREE consultation!

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