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At New Millennium hip pain clinic, we know that sitting or standing for an extended period can cause stress on your lower extremities and create hip pain or joint dysfunctions. You may also suffer from hip pain due to arthritis that can create stiffness and a loss of mobility. New Millennium has proven hip pain treatment options including chiropractic care that are non-invasive and non-addictive. At New Millennium we have been honored to serve our patients near Timberlane with caring, quality and affordable hip pain treatment. Known for our commitment to excellent patient care and satisfaction, see the hip pain doctor today at New Millennium’s hip pain clinic.

Timberlane Hip Pain Relief

Located in Boone County, Illinois just 20 miles east of Rockford, Timberlane has nearly 1,000 residents who can enjoy the opportunities of large metropolitan areas, while living in a pleasant, friendly, small town atmosphere. Many of Timberlane’s residents put their trust in the qualified staff at New Millennium’s hip pain clinic. New Millennium is the highest rated natural and holistic provider of hip pain relief. Established in 1995, the village of Timberlane is committed to maintaining the high quality of life currently enjoyed by the residents of the community, making it a great place to live and do business.

Timberlane Hip Pain Treatment

At New Millennium we make hip pain treatment affordable for our patients by offering insurance billing, plus we will work with our non-insured patients. At New Millennium we encourage wellness and combining non-invasive chiropractic hip pain treatment to relieve inflammation associated with arthritis. When you need the most effective hip pain relief, you need the services of a New Millennium hip pain doctor. If you are tired of coping with your hip pain and want effective joint pain relief, call New Millennium near Timberlane at (779) 552-8358 for a free consultation and to start your hip pain relief journey!

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