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New Millennium Medical Pain Clinic is a pain clinic with a pain management doctor in the facility who focuses on Physical Medicine. Our pain doctor will see you in an integrated setting that provides pain management through rehabilitative medicine to restore optimum health and functionality through a variety of proven methods at our pain center near Timberlane. A great pain doctor offers treatment to help alleviate pain which helps improve quality of life. New Millennium’s pain management doctor understands that the original source of pain can cause tremendous pain management. New Millennium patients in the Timberlane area trust the pain clinic near Timberlane because of the testimonials and their own experience of freedom from pain or pain management.

Timberlane Pain Center

Timberlane, Illinois is located 75 miles west of Chicago and 20 miles east of Rockford with approximately 1,000 residents. This village is a short drive to O’Hare Airport and Chicago Rockford International Airport near Interstate 90. The residents of Timberlane enjoy the prospects of large metropolitan areas, while living in an enjoyable, friendly, small town community. Our new facility at New Millennium offers a unique “Zen” design with a calming environment that helps relax and rejuvenate patients. Many Timberlane patients exceedingly recommend New Millennium. Or pain clinic emphasizes pain management at our pain center with a pain management doctor who is passionate and hopeful about your long term pain management. Residents in Timberlane now have pain doctors near their location who make every effort in helping you take the first step to pain management.

Timberlane Pain Clinic

Along with a pain doctor who is proficiently expert in his field, New Millennium also provides physical rehab specialists and pain management doctors who work together to give you the best treatment for pain management. If you are looking for a pain doctor near Timberlane who treats back, neck, knee, shoulder pain or any type of pain contact our pain clinic. It’s time to receive the pain management you deserve at our pain center. We focus on getting to the bottom of what is generating pain in your body. We accept a wide variety of insurance and Medicare. New Millennium Medical Pain Clinic near Timberlane provides Free initial consultations! Call us today or visit our website. Pain management is possible, don’t waste one more day hindered by pain!

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