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At New Millennium Medical, we are excited to provide you relief with our physical rehab. At our holistic facility, you will work with an injury rehab doctor who is fully committed to holistic care. If you suffer from pain, New Millennium will offer you top-rated pain rehab that can help you live free from pain. Patients in Timberlane love the injury rehab we provide our patients at New Millennium.

Timberlane Injury Rehab

Timberlane, Illinois is located in Boone County and has about 950 residents calling it home. Many clients in Timberlane turn to New Millennium for pain rehab at our first-class facility. Residents in Timberlane now have access to holistic physical rehab that can provide an alternative to medication and surgery at New Millennium.

Timberlane Pain Rehab

It is essential to consider all factors that may contribute to your pain before getting involved in physical rehab. Your pain rehab doctor will take an integrated approach to give you the most effective injury rehab. We accept healthcare, including insurance and Medicare at New Millennium Medical. Schedule your free consultation to claim relief today!

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