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Timberlane Trigger Point Injections

New Millennium Medical is a modern clinic that specializes in alleviating the pain of patients through a variety of proven methods including trigger point therapy. Trigger point injection therapy is very effective, and many patients are amazed at the immediate relief they feel. With trigger point injections we can focus on the area that is causing muscle tension and prevent long term damage to the surrounding area. New Millennium wants to welcome Timberlane residents who struggle with muscle tension to come in for a consultation to see if trigger point treatment is right for them.

Timberlane Trigger Point Injection Therapy

New Millennium is a reliable clinic with medical services that are proven to help, like trigger point therapy. Timberlane is a beautiful village in Boone County and is also a part of the Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area with about 1,000 residents. With trigger point injection therapy New Millennium can get you back to enjoying your surroundings without muscle tension. Our priority with trigger point injections is to relieve you from pain.

Timberlane Trigger Point Treatment

Our goal with trigger point injection therapy is to help you maintain lasting health free from pain. New Millennium offers many testimonials from patients who have received trigger point therapy and many times right after the trigger point injections they feel immediate results. We encourage you to come in for an assessment and allow our doctor to determine if trigger point treatment is the right course of treatment for you. New Millennium Medical also offers free consultations so don’t wait to contact us! If you are interested in trigger point injection therapy, then call us today at (779) 552-8358.

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