Struggling with Headaches in Belvidere?

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Headaches are not fun, and migraines are another level of awful. Living with either of these issues can make you feel grumpy, and in the worst-case scenario, leave you unable to function. Medication may help in the short term, but when the problem is ongoing or re-occurring, pills are generally not enough. The source of your headaches and migraines is usually structural, and therefore proper treatment can help you overcome this debilitating issue. Headache relief at our Belvidere chiropractic clinic may be the solution you are looking for.

Headaches and Migraines in Belvidere

"I have a headache!"
This phrase is heard over and over and can mean many different things. Headache refers to pain in the head and often involves pain extending into the neck region. This can be anything from intense, short pain from eating or drinking very cold food to more severe forms of migraines.

Migraines are a neurological issue and can range in pain from moderate to severe. Interestingly, the typical migraine pain only affects one side of the head. This pulsating or throbbing type of pain can last up to 72 hours and cause nausea and vomiting. Many people when suffering from migraines are sensitive to light, sound, and/or smell. Some sufferers will experience an aura prior to the onset of the migraine. Once the pain is over, there may be a lingering sense of fatigue, fluctuations in mood, and even difficulty concentrating.

Although the actual causes of migraines could be a combination of things, they are believed to be both environmental and genetic.

Many migraine issues run in families. Most migraine patients use some form of medication to relieve the pain associated with the headaches, but there may be other treatment options.

Before beginning a regimen based on medication, chiropractic care can offer a drug-free option for pain relief.

The chiropractic treatment for migraines is focused on the spinal column. Vertebrae can become misaligned or the range of motion could decrease – and both of these issues can be adjusted by a chiropractor.

Misalignment may be one of the triggers for migraine, as it can cause nerve pressure affecting the brain.

Correction can be accomplished by gentle manipulation of the spine.

Do you suffer from migraines? In conjunction with this type of treatment, there are other things you can do between chiropractic visits to ease your migraines. One of the main items within your control is to make sure you have proper posture. Doing this will keep your back straight and shoulders back giving muscles plenty of room.

If you work at a desk or sit for long periods – then move around a bit!

In other words, while sitting, move your body as much as possible, and take breaks to walk around. Remember, you are trying to relieve pressure on the spine before this pressure moves to your head and possibly causes a migraine. We can also provide a home exercise routine that will help with body alignment as well as posture.

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